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Messiah Lutheran Church

4202 North Belt
Spokane, WA 99205

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Stay strong, stay healthy and stay safe until we meet again!

Unfortunately the Council has had to make the decision to suspend in-person services again. You will be updated as soon as there are any changes to this decision.

Please do not forget to send your offerings into Messiah to help continue to support its ministry! If you are in need of envelopes, please leave a message for Anna on the office phone (327-4446) and she will get those sent out to you.

Thank you and God bless you!

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Possible optons for viewing Church Services from your home

(This information may change depending on each individual church)

Prince of Peace Lutheran on Facebook: Sunday at 9:00 am

Salem Lutheran on Facebook: Sunday at 10:15 am, Compline Thursdays at 7:30 pm

Central Lutheran on Facebook: "Pick Your Own Worship Time" starting on Saturday, just click the YouTube link n their Facebook page.


Lutherhaven has opened for some summer activities, please check the website to find out what is available.

"Serving God, sharing good news, caring for others"


Everyone had the opportunity at the beginning of the year to receive envelopes with the church's address on it for offerings. We did not know at the time how important those envelopes would be in the support of our church ministry. Please make use of those envelopes and faithfully send your offereings in to Messiah to continue to support it's ministy. If you are in need of envelopes, please leave a message on the office phone (327-4446) and Anna will get those sent out to you. Thank you and God bless you! (Always!)

Online Giving

Messiah receives funds online through You may access the program from your personal computer or download the app for your phone or tablet.

Sunday Morning

Watch for updates


Endowment News

Even though the church has been closed for some time, the Spirit is still alive. Through Endowment, Kelli and Blackhawk Delgado, and Pastor Mary, were able to spend $500 to purchase treats for first responders. I understand they were well received. Endowment funds belong to the congregation and it is good to see them used in thiw way.

Caritas is Open

Caritas is still open and accepting donations of food and hygiene supplies. If you choose to drop off items, please remain outside and wave down a volunteer. To observe social distancing, items may be set down at the main door (please tell us who is donating if you would like a tax receipt for your gift!) and volunteers will collect them after you have stepped away. There are no known cases of food borne transfer of COVID19 but out of an abundance of caution, volunteers will be wearing gloves for food handling. If you don't want to shop, you may send a donation with the memo marked Food Bank to : Caritas, 1612 W Dalke, 99205