The Pastor's Post

July 25, 2019

The gospel of Mark Chapter 5 is a story about Jesus healing a woman from a bleeding disorder and raising another young girl from the dead. There is a word that to me is important in Mark 5:30 which says: “Immediately aware that power had gone forth from him, Jesus turned…..” The word I find so important is the word “power.” Jesus healed two people, changed their lives because he had the power to do so. One suffered from a blood discharge, and she was healed by touching Jesus, and Jesus said, your faith has made you well. For the little girl, she too, was healed and raised up. Jesus has the power to forgive and heal.

We all have disorders, ailments, and sin in our lives. Jairus, the father of the little girl was bold enough to approach Jesus and ask for his help. The woman who was healed, also was bold enough to seek Jesus for healing. We all need healing in our lives from one source of pain or another. We come boldly to communion seeking forgiveness and healing in our lives. Yet there are many, who are no more sinful than you and I, who do not come to church for one reason or another, who also need healing in their lives. Perhaps they do not feel welcome for some reason, perhaps they have not been invited to come. Perhaps they don’t know they would BE welcome, when and if they do come. Romans tells us that all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God. All are welcome to hear God’s words of forgiveness and salvation. What can we, as members of our church do to make everyone feel welcome and find God’s grace at our worship services. Jesus has the power to forgive and provide wholeness to all who ask, all who come, you, me, and those in the perimeters who are also in need of God’s healing love in their lives. Jesus gives us power through his presence in our lives to be a healing presence to those who are hurting. Our God is a powerful God.

May your summer be blessed with relaxation, family and yes, worship!!

Summer Blessing,

Pr. Mary Daniels