The Pastor's Post

January 23, 2020

Here we are in January and winter has finally arrived! The brown of fall has been covered with the clean white snow. At least until the snow plow arrives!!! We give thanks for the faithful crews who battle the weather to plow the streets so the rest of us can get to our destinations!!!

The Christmas decorations are down. The Christmas music has abruptly stopped and the businesses are busy with Valentines, St. Patrick's and swimming suits!!! How has our life changed here at Messiah?? We have begun a partnership with Day Bridge. I understand there have been some challenges in getting things organized and I appreciate Anna more than anyone can know for handling all the questions. It takes time to adjust to changes, and many struggle with change. Life is made up of change and if we are to move forward with ministry and discovering who we really are and what we are capable of, we need to be prepared for change.

The Transition Team met a second time with Rev. Phil Misner, Assistant to the Bishop, on January 13th. Please feel free to ask one of the team how things are going. I am hoping for some very positive learning through this process.

If you did not make it to church on January 12, you missed the first presentation by the church's bell choir. Rondie Judy has been gracious to patiently teach our fledgling group and the group is enjoying the challenge of playing the bells. We will practice again on January 25 and will plan on playing again at a future date.

I hope you will take the opportunity to stop by Day Bridge to see the amazing world that has been created in the fellowship hall and say hello to the folks there. The former choir room has been turned into a "quiet" room with a number of recliners and a large screen TV with an assortment of videos available to view. The main hall has computer stations, Wii games, crafts and lots of things going on. Not only visit, but pray that this partnership will blossom and grow!

Epiphany is the season of light, and Messiah has the opportunity to shine their light of love and grace brightly!

God bless you as we move into the discovery of challenging and changing Messiah!


Pr. Mary Daniels